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From Sunrise to Sunset,  We Outshine the Rest!

We began Better Days Logistics after our many years of experience in the industry. We have been involved with transportation our entire career and did not even know it! Sebrina has 12 years of leisure travel experience, helping transport people to wonderful vacation destinations and bringing them back home.  Del Lance has 20 years working on Navy ships safely transporting sailors to and from ports all over the world. We see logistics as a long-term opportunity to own a business, and are intrigued to set our own hours, work remotely, and have unlimited potential to grow!


After speaking with multiple friends, family, and neighbors we were influenced to pursue Freight Brokering. It sparked our interest, so we moved forward. We have earned certificates, licenses, bonds, contracts. Every day we are presented with people looking for solid, reliable, and qualified companies to help them reach their goals.


Due to our recent environmental changes, COVID-19 has proven the need for more dependable companies to deliver products for customer consumption. People in general are extremely important; to us this business is a marathon not a sprint to the goal line.


Meet the Owners

Sebrina Johnson Holloman: Owner


Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, SHRM Certified


 Sebrina has over 25 year of experience in leadership and servicing the needs of others. She has great problem-solving skills and has no problem building lasting relationships with her selfless, caring, and loyal nature.


Sebrina has a creative side and passion for design. Whether it is creating the perfect space or watching her beautiful garden grow, she does it with everything she has. She loves taking things to the highest level, creating that "Wow" factor people long for. She takes a great deal of pride in caring for people by taking out the time to thoroughly understand their individual needs.

Del Lance Holloman: Owner


Military: United States Navy, Secret Security Clearance, DOD Contractor


Del has over 35 years of experience working at various shipyards and doing domestic and international contract work for various government agencies. He served in the US Navy for six years and has outstanding leadership skills and the ability to connect with all walks of life. He knows the importance of privacy and compliance and is extremely successful in meeting deadlines.


Del works well as a team and encourages participation including supporting the youth within his community. His charismatic nature allows people to trust and respect him upon their first interaction. He is a very passionate and committed man with a broad list of interests including but not limited to football, cooking and gardening. 

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