From Sunrise to Sunset,

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Better Days Logistics was founded by Sebrina and Del Lance Holloman in 2020. We are a freight brokerage currently servicing the United States. Together we have 40 years of experience in government contracting, retail, banking, and transportation. With our broad range of skills we can guarantee accuracy, compliance and fairness.

We have gained a great deal of knowledge on the operational aspects of logistics, by taking the time to learn each individual piece of this industry. Our mission is to build one community at a time by taking the pressure from our customers and guiding their shipments from start to finish ultimately reaching their destination on time.

We want to take our success and networking of community organizations, including non-profits, to offer scholarships, food drives and support of entrepreneurship endeavors for our youth. Our community is extremely important to us and we would love to become leaders offering stability to those who struggle. We will provide resources and solutions to carriers needs especially for owner operators assisting them with maintenance, housing, community event, etc. Better Days truly represents our determination to thrive!

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